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The Wolf-Fury

In one of the Ulster Myths concerning their most famous hero, Cu Chulainn, he is seized with a battle-madness which is termed ferg. This term is based upon the same root as our English wearg or Norse warg which refers to a wolf. The Greeks called this state lyssa from their word lycos which means “wolf”. This state was attributed to Achilles before the gates of Troy, as it was to Hector, his adversary.

It would seem that in time the term warg or wearg came to mean an “outlaw”, and in particular one who was banished from a tribe. Since this was the ultimate dishonour it would seem that the term had been changed from its original meaning – the Wolf-Fury.

What we have to remember is that such wild warriors, dedicated to the Wolf-God, had to go through a period of marge in which they were outside the tribe in a certain sense of being schooled in the wild forests.

The Walknut is the symbol of the Warrior-Initiate bound to the Will of Woden, and that is why Woden Initiates wear this symbol. As I have shown before, if the symbol is laid out by a piece of string and tied in the “knot” it makes a slip-knot. This is the symbol of the God of the Hanged. (So is the Torc which was originally a twisted cord around the neck). The term Walknut can stem from –

Walk (Wolf) – Knut (Knot) = Wolf-Knot.

Wal (Slain) – Knut (Knot) = Knot of the Slain

The Wolf-Knot is thus the ultimate symbol of the binding of the Warrior-Initiate to the Wolf-God, Woden. The knot, of course, symbolizes a binding.

The “Battle-Madness” is here associated with the Wod and the Woda-Force. As Woden is the Master of Wod it is he who gives this power to his Warrior-Initiates. This is also connected to the Wod-Roarer (Odroerir), the Roaring Cauldron at the point two fingers below the navel – the Hara (*). The raising of the Fire-Serpent is also part of this Cult.

The Wolf-Fury is also termed the Teuton Fury, or Furor Teutonicus (Latin). Woden is the personification of this battle-rage or battle-fury. He is the Wolf-God, and just like other wolf-gods like Mars and Apollo he becomes the High God the Centre.

(*) I have used the Japanese term for this centre since it is very like Hari as in our own Hari-Woden.

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