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The Steal-Right

We have gone into the sacred right to steal of the cultic brotherhoods, but here I am going to look at this from a modern angle. “Thou Shalt Not Steal!” is a Judaeo-Christian concept, though it has its uses in maintaining an ordered and stable society – in an ordered and stable time.

As Wodenists we have to look at this concept from a new angle, one which takes into account one’s personal survival. There are certain things that could create a situation where the individual has no other option than to steal in order to live –

A breakdown of society in which food supplies were completely cut off.

The individual was considered to be a “heretic” by the State System, and thus barred from obtaining food. This could be done through the Mark of the Beast (a microchip placed under the skin which would contain full details of the individual, and which would have a unique number that could be withdrawn should the individual be deemed a “heretic”.) [*]

A natural disaster happened that cut off all food and drink supplies.

In such circumstances the individual would have to discard the idea that stealing is a crime, and would have to steal in order to live. This would need a change in one’s mental outlook before anything happens.

This type of mentality needs to consider that to steal from one’s enemies in order to live is alright, but to steal from one’s own is certainly not alright. Here, again, we need to nurture a new kind of mentality which sees the State System, and all its various networks, as the enemy, and our own Sacred Brotherhood as a sacred entity that must never be violated or dishonoured.
[*] For those who are not aware of the Mark of the Beast this is not a Christian concept, but one that is actually being brought into being here and now. It may have been a “Christian” prophecy, but it is certainly something we should not ignore. This refers to a “mark” (microchip in modern terms) being placed under the skin of every human being. This would contain full details of the individual. The sinister plot to achieve this has been going on slowly for decades –

The “Credit Card” or “Debit Card” is slowly replacing cash and cheque. The latest development is that banks will no longer back cheques. This is the latest step towards doing away completely with cash and cheques.

The Electronic Fund Transfer System has been put into place where money is transferred direct from one bank to another – cutting out the cash and cheques. The Internet has vastly aided this system in that people are more and more buying and selling this way.

The ID Card has been promoted in order to ensure that everyone will carry their own full ID. This could then be easily put onto a microchip which, when placed under the skin, could not be easily removed. Those who feel that ID Cards would be a good thing in “battling crime” should consider the real reason behind this move. We should not feel that this idea has, or will, be shelved, for it is already in use amongst the next generation. When any youth goes into a pub they are now forced to use some form of ID to prove their age. These people will obviously accept the use of ID Cards as the norm when the time comes.

The true aim behind this whole thing is that anyone who “bucks” the System could have their credit withdrawn by stopping their credit-number which they are forced to carry with them, i.e. under the skin. They could thus not buy or sell anything. This is the ultimate form of dictatorship!

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