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King Raedwald
The Leader of the Wild Army

“If the dead ruler is given his battle-standard with him in his grave, one may consider at any case in the sphere of the Woden-religion, whether his age did not imagine the ruler as leader of a retinue of the Dead.”        Karl Hauck.

Looking at this statement we must consider whether the Wuffingas of East Anglia recognized King Raedwald as being the Leader of the Wild Army of the Dead after he was buried at Sutton Hoo. He was buried together with his weapons, and also his battle-standard and sceptre

Taking this into consideration this Woden-Born king of the Wuffingas may well have been seen as going to Walhalla and becoming a Wild Hunter-Warrior, leading the Army of the Dead as an Immortal. This explanation would seem to be logical when we consider the grave goods. It would also explain the Cultic Mask or Sutton Hoo Helmet with its magical aspects.

We must also consider whether the ancient peoples saw their Woden-Born king as an incarnation of Woden upon the Earth, living out a Woden Destiny. His divine destiny upon Earth would then be reflected in his mythical destiny leading the Einheriar after death.

Woden is the Veratyr  the God of the Wera; he is the god of heroes, living and dead. The Einheriar is a mythical counterpart to the Männerbünde, both of which are the guardians against the forces of disintegration, destruction and chaos. His Warrior-Initiates live on as the Immortals, becoming stronger with death.

“The consecrated members of the Bund are immortal and are one with the spirits of the dead.”                                              Wikander 1938.

We should consider this concept carefully, for the dead are not gone from us, they are able to return amongst the living and aid in the battle against the forces of chaos and destruction. Maybe that is what Nostradamus said about the dead rising from the graves at the “Games of Slaughter”. If so then the time is drawing near when the Einheriar will awaken to their mission.


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