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The Fire-Snake – Wulf (Spear of Woden)

The Fire-Snake or Fire-Serpent is the Kundalini Force of Aryan India. Yet this is a force that seems to be greatly feared throughout history. When we see the Vril-Ya of Bulwer-Lytton’s The Coming Race wielding the power of Vril we can recognise why the book ends thus –

“I have thought it my duty to my fellow-men to place on record these forewarnings of The Coming Race.”

This statement follows one in which a warning is given that the Vril-Ya (“descended from the great Aryan Race”) would emerge from their underground homes and destroy those living upon the Earth -

“The Vril-Ya, on emerging, induced by the charm of a sunlit heaven to form their settlements above ground, would commence at once the work of destruction, seize upon the territories already cultivated, and clear off, without scruple, all the inhabitants who resisted that invasion.”

If we see the Vril-Ya, living within the Earth, as an allegory of a New Race living deep within the subconscious then this all makes a great deal more sense. It is possible to see the Asmegir living in Odainsacre, and Lif & Lifthrasir, as being of a New Race of Gods and Men, awaiting their time to supplant the dying mankind upon the Earth.

We can now perhaps see why the idea of the Fire-Serpent and the Cultic Warrior has been portrayed as being “evil” in many cases. This can be seen clearly in The Thirteenth Warrior –

    The arrival of the “baddies” is marked by a mist from which emerges the Fire-Snake.

    The “baddies” are Cultic Warriors who wear Bear Skins (Berserkers) and are wild by nature.

    They live in an underground hideaway.

    The leader of the Cultic Warriors wears a horned helmet.

    The cult of the Mother (which these warriors uphold) has always been associated with Tantra.

    Finally, the name given to the Fire-Snake and the bear-creatures is The Vendel (spelling uncertain). The name given to the Long Man is Waendel which has the same root.

Here we can see clearly how this Cultic Warrior Ethos has been relegated to the realms of “evil” and the battle between Good and Evil worked around it – a Judaeo-Christian theme! What we are looking at here is a very, very ancient concept that needs studying in detail.



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