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Folk Ecology

Folk-Ecology or National Ecology opposes the global ecology which is pushed upon us from all angles, mostly designed to frighten people into submitting to a World Government and to the World State. Folk-Ecology is based upon a national and regional policy rather than a “global” policy. This entails the taking up of alternative energy but at an individual, family and tribal level rather than at the national and global level advocated today. Although a national policy may be needed, local energy (free when installed) would be the best means to free people from the thralldom of the multi-nationals and the Global State. This would entail a return to the idea of “small is beautiful” and to energy sources used by the individual household and not supplied by the State.

We advocate the allocation of land to every Englishman, to use to feed his family in accordance with the ancient Edel-Right. This idea could never be achieved at this time due to the overpopulation of these islands, but times change and this will not always be so. Nature sets right what man throws into disorder! Every Englishman has right to his own home, and the means to supply his own food and energy.

Think National – Act Local!

This is a sound motto for our Folk-Ecology or National Ecology, where we need to think in terms of the English Nation as a whole, in order to renew and revitalize that English Nation, but we need also to act at a local level in order to affect the changes needed in ourselves. Local action can be achieved by local individuals and groups.

The basis of Folk-Ecology is the idea that the land upon which we dwell is sacred to us; it is not merely a piece of “mud” which can be sold to the highest bidder – as the minions of the Old Order would have us believe. It is a Living Being, in one sense like the “Gaia Theory” put out in recent time, yet in another sense it is a national entity, free from the “Global Being” which is presented by those who wish to set up a World State. Unfortunately, the “Gaia Theory” can be used to represent the Earth as a living entity, as a wholeness, and thus as evolving into the aforesaid World State! In the process, we are all one race, one people, and thus one earth – and all peoples and races are destroyed in the process!


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