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Woden's Folk is NOT on facebook or Twitter. Any accounts that use our name are not offical, nor sanctioned by us. The content of those pages may not reflect our views and must be treated as seperate bodies. We cannot stop people using social networks, but we would ask that those who do please make sure that it clear they represent personal views.


Please note carefully - Woden's Folk does NOT use any Internet Forum as a means of getting out our ideas, nor of any kind of 'recruitment' and so anyone who is either active or supports WF does so as an individual and does not represent WF or any section of the Woden Folk-Religion. Any comments made by such individuals are theirs alone and have nothing to do with WF or the WF-R.

In the past we encountered problems with individuals who had fallen out and made verbal attacks upon each other over such forums, which is why we have warned on numerous occasions that WF Activists should steer clear of these and find alternative and positive means to further our Movement. It is also clear that people are prone to 'chat' over these, often to people they do not know anything about; 'conversations' can be used to get information or even to further the aim of disrupting a movement or group. This is why I have - on numerous occasions - advised WF Activists not to use these forums because of the problems that can arise.

Not being a 'membership organisation' we can only advise and cannot stop people using them. So we would like to make others aware that where they are used this is against the policy of WF and that anything said or commented upon is done by the individual concerned and not through the endorsement of WF or any part of the WF-R. If people do not agree with such comments sort it out with the individual concerned and NOT with WF.

The Woden Folk-Religion has its own websites and a network of blogs that get our message out to people, and we have an email address and BCM Box number through which we can be contacted. If people wish to get involved in Folkish Wodenism they will find us, and this helps us to recruit those who make the effort to seek us out, which is something that many people cannot be bothered to do.

Woden's Folk,
BCM Woden,
London WC1N 3XX,


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