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Cycle of the Ages

In order to understand the world we must first look at the way that the ancients viewed time, for they saw this in a very different light than the society of the past 1000 years or so. Time, to the world today, is linear; it moves from a starting point A to an end-point B. The ancients had a far different idea; time was cyclic in nature, moving as a wheel or circle, without beginning nor end. The ancient viewpoint is far more logical since we know through our own experience that time is something that goes in cycles -

1. Monthly cycle - this is really a Moon-Cycle that occurs every 28 days, the Moon going through Full - Waning - New - Full again.

2. Yearly cycle - a Solar Cycle where we move through Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter again.

These two cycles are obvious but must be understood in that they have no end-point, only that of the end of a cycle which precedes the beginning of a new cycle. This process occurs over and over again. It is thus obvious that the ancients knew more than modern science in regard to cycles; they understood that everything, from the smallest molecule upwards, lived by exactly the same process.

Some modern scientists have accepted the idea of Precession; this is a time-cycle of around 26,000 years which was called a Great Year. Interestingly, this would be broken into a Winter and Summer period just like the Yearly Cycle; here we have the cycle of Orion the Hunter which moved upwards to a high point around 10,500BCE and which is near reaching its lowest point of the cycle some 12,500 years later.

The ancient peoples knew that this Great Year was made up of some 12 World-Ages, each of 2000 years or so. And that during this time there would be seven stations of the Pole Star; in other words there would be seven different Pole Stars during this time. During this 26,000 year period the Sun goes through the Signs of the Zodiac backwards - in the opposite direction to the Solar Year. The Age of Pisces started around 7BCE with a planetary conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn in Pisces; it ended around the year 1999 with another important conjunction. The Age of Aquarius has begun.

The ancients knew of four larger World-Ages which too formed a cycle - these were known by various different names through different cultures.


Axe Age
Sword Age
Wind Age
Wolf Age


satya Yuga
Treta Yuga
Dvapara Yuga
kali Yuga


Golden Age
Silver Age
Bronze Age
Iron Age

These Four Ages would seem to cover a period of around 12,000 years, with a fixed ration of 4:3:2:1 - the periods being 4,800 years, 3,600 years, 2,400 years and 1,200 years. These periods could be related to the Four Ættir of the English Rune-Row.

Greek Mythology uses names which fit well with the ages they represent; it is these names that are used most. Here we shall look at these names and how they represent the spirit of the ages each one is named after.

Golden Age - This is the Age of Perfection, harmony, peace & plenty. Gold is symbolic of the Sun, of Light, of the God-head itself. Gold does not tarnish, it is always bright and shining. That is why it is fitting to use this of the Age of Perfection. This age is  ruled by Uranus & Cronus in Greek Lore.

Silver Age - This is most likely to represent an age of Female Spirituality; it comes into being through the appearance of the Wyrd Sisters who bring time into being, plus the laws of cause and effect. Silver tarnishes very easily and this age is a tarnished one where the perfection, harmony and peace of the Golden Age has been lost.
Bronze Age - Bronze, like Silver, tarnishes; however, not so much, and its appearance is very much like Gold. This era would represent a slight return to the Golden Age of Civilisation with new civilisations appearing on Earth. It is  an Age of Heroes in some ways.

Iron Age - Iron not only tarnishes but rusts completely and is totally destroyed at the end of the cycle. This is the Dark Age or Kali Yuga. It is an Age of Darkness and Ignorance, which ends with the lowest strata of society as rulers. This is the very depths of decadence & depravity, so well shown in our own era.

What must also be understood is that these Four Ages of Man run parallel to the Tripartite System of the Indo-Europeans. For the sake of argument this system will be shown, in its variations, as a fourfold system. Thus it will be seen to fit perfectly with the Four Ages of Man.







The first three classes are really the Tripartite System of the Indo-Europeans, with the last class as the slave class - the thralls. However, it is unjust to think that this class has no importance whatever, which has been done in the past, for there has to be a “material” base to life. Whilst the leadership should be the higher Spiritual Class the masses are the material body of a people (mass = material). The Folk is a unit or a body which must have a head (Leadership = Kon), arms (Warrior-Aristocracy = Earl), reproductive area/thigh (Provider = Carl) and legs (Manual Worker = Thrall). This thus represents the Divine Order of the Gods - “As Above - So Below”.

If we look back into ancient history we find that the earliest records of great civilisations such as Sumeria, Babylonia, Egypt, and Central America relate how they were ruled by God-Kings or Divine Kings. Egypt records how the Shemsu Heru were a Master Race who founded the earliest Egyptian Civilisation. Other areas have similar legends of an early race which was usually called The Shining Ones, who brought with them star-lore, metal-crafts and other civilising works. The blue-eyed, bearded White Man appears as a Creative Spirit - just as at the end-time he appears as a Destructive Spirit. This will change again.

The Ages of Man have gone through these stages which do not represent an evolution but a devolving process that takes us downwards from Perfection to total degeneration & decay. The process is then reversed as we climb back up to the Golden Age once again. Firstly the wise God-Kings ruled over a golden era, then the Warrior-Aristocracy ruled, then the Merchant Class ruled over the Capitalist Age, and finally the People rule over the Age of the Masses. In small rural communities like the Anglo-Saxons the “Capitalist” class did not exist, for rather than a Merchant Class this was a Farmer-Provider Class. Likewise manual labour was an integral part of the whole, and of much importance; in the city states this class become the Proletariat which is nothing less than a class of slaves fallen to the state of the herd animal.

When all of these classes work together in harmony, each fulfilling its own task and keeping to its own unique role, then the whole system works in total harmony. Only when one group moves out of its own unique position, and tries to fulfil another role, does disharmony & chaos set in. This is what has happened over the past few hundred years when the lowest classes were encouraged to pursue their “rights” (sic.). In a Golden Age each class knew its position and did not want otherwise. When the seeds of discord were set amongst the lower groups the Divine Order was overturned, and here we are today.

This Divine Order is not restricted to long cycles alone, but to all cycles; shorter cycles have the same structure and go through the very same downward decline towards a final decay and death. This is why civilisations are created out of barbarism, attain to a high order of civilisation, and then start to decline and eventually fall, only to be replaced by another civilisation that arises somewhere else in the world. The very same process has applied to Western Civilisation which is now in its final death-throes.

The one thing that characterises the foundation of a high civilisation is that there is always an influx of power from above downwards. Invariably, a great man arises who founds a high civilisation; the essence of such a civilisation is that it always appears to be guided by the Gods whose influx produces great genius in the people. At such times there is a mass of genius, which is directly opposite to the latter times of the civilisation (such as we live in today) when genius is hard to find and mass mediocrity is rife.
It must be remembered that in such ancient civilisations as Greece and Rome the city-states were limited to a much smaller number of people than today’s megalopolises - 600,000 people was the upper limit of any capital. In Germania we have high civilisation in a different way, for there was a very high quality of craftsmanship and life was spent very close to Nature in small rural Folk-Communities. There were no city-states whatever, only small hamlets & villages. But the nature of genius still existed as much as any larger civilisation.

Ancient societies were very different in other ways; there was no “education” of the masses who, by and large, were illiterate peasants. This was no bad thing, for these people were happier for it and were not at that time susceptible to the “propaganda” that the masses are today. They could not be so easily led as a herd of sheep. Writing had no real part in Teutonic Society and myths and legends were passed down by word of mouth - a higher achievement than any form of writing down. Today, the “people” think they are “educated” but the role of the school system today is to indoctrinate - to produce a mass of clones suited to the Economic Consumer Society. Everyone has the chance to get “higher education” - even if this is merely in subjects that have been produced and marketed for the mass-herd.

It must be clear to anyone looking at the products of our English Universities that these are not educated people but are merely self-opinionated clones who serve the Old Order. This may not apply to all, but it does apply to the majority. This is the “fodder” produced to lead the Age of the Masses. There are exceptions, and there always will be - these are the Salmon that swim upstream against the current of time. It is these Salmon that will be the new aristocracy of the New Order that is coming.

If harmony is to be restored upon our land it will only be through a willed restoration of the Divine Order of the Gods. A new English Aristocracy must be built up through the arising of a new Elect of Woden that sets itself apart from the masses by its own deeds - that is, on merit. This new leadership would have to recreate the Divine Order through restoring the other three classes to their rightful places in the New Order. The impetus for the New Order comes directly from the Gods. The Ancient Gods are working through the Sun-Initiates to restore the Divine Order at this time. To prepare the way for the Last Avatara who will usher in the new Golden Age.

In the Grail Stories we find that a wasteland has been created through a king having a wasting wound that does not heal;  as the king slowly dies so does the land. This is a very ancient myth. In many tales the wasteland is called Logres; the Welsh term for England is Lloegres. Logres is indeed England. The king with the wasting wound is the British Aristocracy and Royal Family which has a “wound” that will not heal - it is dying! Amfortas is the dying kingship and it is Klingsor (The Media) whose Black Magic has done the dirty deed. With the destruction of the British Aristocracy has come the decline in the Land of England. What we also need to understand in this Grail Mythos is that the “wound” is dealt to the “thigh” or to the “testicles”, i.e. it refers to the destruction of the archetype of the Virile Male Warrior-God as much as to the dying aristocracy. It was this, dealt by the Judaeo-Christian religion, which created the situation where the ancient rulership by descent from the gods was broken.

History also shows us that whenever a united front arises it is through a single nation that leads the way for others to follow. And this is through the leadership of a single individual that arises within that nation. Since the Last Avatara will arise here in the White Island (Albion) then it is here that we need to found a New Order of Being.

“It is said that up to the time when Pban-chhen-rin-po-chhe (the Great Jewel of Wisdom) condescends to be reborn in the land of the P’helings (Westerners), and appearing as the Spiritual Conqueror (Chom-den-da), destroys the errors and ignorance of the ages, it will be little use to try to uproot the misconceptions of P’heling-pa (Europe): her sons will listen to no one.” Tibetan Prophecy.

It is only through a Religious Revolution that England will arise anew from the ashes of the destruction of the British Empire; then England will become a leading light in Europe and will lead the way towards a New Order that will usher in a new Golden Age.


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