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Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

The Ar-Kan Rune-Lag system is a new runic system devised by Wulf, the Founder & Folk-Warder of Woden's Folk. This system is based upon the 33-rune system usually attributed to Northumbria, but also found as the basis of the Old English Rune-Poem, which has 29 poems but a total of 33 runes. This system is based upon the Nine Glory-Twigs of Woden which holds all 33 rune-shapes. It can be broken into Four AEttir with the Gar-Rune as the Immovable Centre from which the four arms radiate. It can also be used as a Runic Web in which the runes can be found scattered around the concentric rings that radiate from the centre in eight arms.

The name Ar-Kan Rune-Lag has various meanings at different levels, but its most basic meaning is The Aryan Secret Way. This derives from Ar-Kan = Aryan, Rune = Secret, and Lag = Way/Laws. This idea takes us back into the ancient world of our most ancient ancestors - descendants of the Solar Race or Shining Ones. These were the mythical figures with a shining countenance who brought knowledge, wisdom & understanding to all peoples, but whose presence upon Earth grew less as the downward time-cycle progressed into the Dark Age we live through today. The true meaning of the term Aryan means "Movement Generator" or "Sun-Generator" which relates to energy, creation and upward evolution.

AR - movement; the Sun; RA = the Sun-God (Egypt), AR his reflection on Earth; the Solar Hawk or Eagle.

KAN - to generate, to regenerate; root of DRA-GON ("Turning Generator"); Cosmic Fire; Kingship (KON); knowledge (KEN); the Woda-Force (KUN); the Fire-Snake or Fire-Dragon (KUNdalini); kinship (KIN).

RUNE - secret, mystery; to whisper/to roar.

LAG - law; way.

In the Old English Rune Poem we find 29 rune-poems, all of which have seemingly mundane names, though secrets are hidden within these meanings. This section ends at the Ear-Rune whose meaning is that of the "Earth-Grave" and thus of a "straw-death" which, we are told in the Eddas, is something to be avoided by those of the higher castes. It is perhaps correct to say that the four runes at the end - cweorth, calc, stan & gar are thus transcendent runes related to a glorious death in battle and entry to Walhalla. The last three runes - calc, stan & gar - are all related to the Grail Mysteries since they mean Cup-Stone-Spear, all associated with the Grail Mysteries. The term San Greal (Holy Grail) can be rendered Sang Real (Blood Royal) which tells us that this is the Mystery of the Blood.


FEOH - cattle, movable wealth, cattle-rustling as the root of the Here - Cultic Warriors of Woden. Wealth as power, for honour & glory and the thrill of battle-lust. Horns of the Stag-God, the Primal God of the Forests, and of the Royal Folk.

UR - primal, the first, an archetype; the force of the Primal Ox, or Aurochs; the strength of the Virile Warrior of Woden. Archetypal Force of the Virile Warrior; the Dark Rift where creation occurs. 

THORN - the Hammer of Thunor, the Thunder-God; the symbol of the Virile Male Warrior, the Cultic Warrior of Woden & Thunor; Hammer of Creation-Hammer of Destruction; the Primal Force of the Giants.

OS - the mouth or source; the god-force; the Primal Ancestor; associated with the Aesc-Rune.

RAD - Cosmic Order (Tir) through World Order (Rit); ritual (Rit); right order (rit); knightly power (ritter/ridder); justice (rod/red); just war (red/rod); decay (rot); destructive principle (rat).

KEN - knowledge, wisdom, understanding (ken); blood relationship (kin); fellowship (kin); nature (kind); Cosmic Fire (kan); Fire of the Forge (kan); the Fire-Snake (Kun-dalini); the Fire-Dragon (kan); kingship (kon/kan); the ki-force or chi-force.

GYFU - gift, exchange; the self-sacrifice; exchange of forces.

WYN - the Wild Hunter-God or Wish-God; the skull of the skull & crossbones; source of the Life-Force; "ISSI WYN" - formula for the Wild Hunter-God; the Cultic Flag/Tribal Flag.

HAEGL - the Heil-Rune, rune of health, wholeness & holiness; hail as the agent of destruction; rune of the All; creation-destruction.

NYD - need, necessity; the Sword in the Tree/Sword of the Wolsungas/Sword of Need (Wagner); fate & destiny.

IS - Cosmic Ice; stillness, stasis.

GER - the yearly cycle; seasons; fruition.

EIH - the Yew-Tree; the Cosmic Axis; trunk of the World Tree; the spinal column; Yew-Tree as the World Tree; Wuldor (Ullr); the Tree of the Helmeted Waendel (Long Man of Wilmington).

PEORTH - Wyrd; the Sun-Ship or Swan-Ship that floats upon the Waters of Chaos at the end of a world-age; the Swan-Ship of Sceaf - Divine Ancestor of the English; the Swan-Ship of Atlantis (see Ethel-Rune); related to the Cweorth-Rune in a subtle way.

EOLHS - the Divine Twins as Hart-Twins; the Sheaf of Corn; Life-Rune; Rune of Magical Protection; the swan in flight; crow's foot; the Heavenly Powers.

SIGEL - the Sun; the Lightning-Flash; Victory-Rune; Solar Force; Light; the soul (Sowilo); moveable force (Sowilo); Lightning-War; the Sieg-Rune; power of the Sun; the Black Sun.

TIR - God of Cosmic Order (TIR = reflection of RIT); Tiw, the Sky-Father; the Shining One; the "Twin"; Tuisco; Tiw (T-Rune) loses his right hand to become Woden (L-Rune) who uses the Left-Hand Path in the Age of Darkness.

BEORC - birch tree (regeneration); the Birch-Goddess (Berkano); the Birth-Goddess; spring after winter; new dawn after destruction; new beginnings; the renewal of Nature.

EH - The Divine Twins as the Horse Twins - Hengest & Horsa; Divine Marriage of the Sun-God (Tiw) and the Moon-Goddess (Beorc), i.e. the Solar Eclipse of August 1999; the White Horse of the Last Avatar.

MAN - the Manu, offspring of the Divine Marriage; the Aryan Manu (Law-Giver); Hama-Heimdall as Rig-Hama who brings the Laws of Caste/Laws of Race; Mannus; the link between Gods & Man.

LAGU - the Virile Warrior (leek); the male creative principle; the lake; the waves of the sea (white horses); cosmic waves; the Wave-Maidens that give birth to Hama-Heimdall and to Sceaf.

ING - the Hero-God; the "Son of Man" (see Man-Rune); the constellation of Bootes; God of England (Ing-Land); the Sword-God of Regeneration; Fire-God; the DNA Code and key to the Genetic Code; the Mystery of the Blood.

DAEG - the day; light; the bright of day; revolutionary change; the hour-glass; switch in time; point of change in the Cycle of the Ages.

EDEL (ETHEL) - the Rune of the Race (At-Al); descent from At-Al-Land (Atlantis); inborn nature & inherited property (Odal); Blood & Soil; the Gift of Ing (Gyfu-Rune/Ing-Rune bind-rune);

AC - the Oak Tree (acorn); strength; phallic-power (acorn); virility (acorn).

AESC - the Ash-Tree; Ancestral Rune; the Oiscingas (Hengest & Horsa); Ancestral Spirits; the Einheriar (mythical); Woden as Ancestral God; the Divine Ancestor; High Race of the North.

YR - the Yew-Bow; the Ur-Tribes of the Wolf; the Primal Irminsul; the Primal Being (Ymir); the Primal Sound (YM, sounded "UM", "u" as in French "lune"); Primal Sound (OM/AUM); Seed of Creation in the Dark Rift of the Milky Way).

IOR - the Serpent; Ior-mun-gand; the World Serpent.

EAR - earth-grave = Way of the Ancestors; straw-death; crossing of the waters; the Bound God or Bound Giant.

CWEORTH - Rune of Walhalla (Avalon); Way of the Gods; Rune of Transcendence; the Hidden God awaiting rebirth at the right time of the Cosmic Cycle; the Fire-Twist; the Bound God released from his fetters; the Cultic Warrior of Woden; the Dancing Warrior (war-dance); the Long Man of Wilmington/Herne Giant as the Hunter-God; the Leader of the Here (Wild Army); Cygnus the Swan as sign of the Galactic Centre and to the gateway to the Black Sun (Wilmington Giant).

CALC - the Grail Cup; the Death Mysteries (Death-Rune); Mysteries of the Death-Cap Mushroom (Amanita Muscaria); roots of the tree; Serpent Mysteries; Death-Rebirth Mysteries (Cultic Initiation); destruction (bow & arrow/missile); calc=calx=chalk = white stone; Kalki Mysteries.

STAN - the Grail Stone; the White Horse Stone (Inga-Stone); stability; mysteries of the Stone (Stan-Ing); calc-stan = "white stone".

GAR - Gungnar (Gift of Ing) - Spear of Woden; the Immovable Centre; the Stone of Ing (Gift of Ing); made up of the Gyfu-Rune/Ing-Rune = "Gift of Ing"; the key to the Aryan Gene; the Sang Real - Blood Real/Blood Royal; Galactic Centre - Black Sun; G-Ar = Gift of AR; Cosmic Axis.


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