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The Ancient RunesĀ 

There are patterns of Wyrd contained in the rune-row, so much so that these are more often overlooked. These patterns can be interpreted in very different ways, of course, since there are many different levels within the rune-rows. Here I am going to develop one particular theme which is the basis of the work done through Woden's Folk, and concerns the subject of the Last Avatar and the Age of Ing. As I have stated, this is just one particular interpretation of which there will be numerous interpretations for the same sequence.

Tir - The god Tiw, the Sky-Father or the Shining One.

Beorc - The Birth-Mother who is the giver of life and who can also be seen as the Northern Mother.

Eh - This rune represents the Divine Marriage of the Sky-Father and the Birth-Mother, and also the Divine Twins or Horse Twins, who are born of their pairing.

Man - The Manu, the first-born of the Divine Twins who brings the Laws of Caste or the Laws of Race to mankind; this is an aspect of Hama/Heimdall who first brought the Divine Order of the Gods to mankind, and who incarnates at various times of the Great Cycle to reinforce these Divine Laws when they lapse.

Lagu - This rune can mean many things and it here refers to the Great Flood which precedes the advent of the Last Avatar. It also refers to the area called Logres which is England, where the Last Avatar will appear. The Lagu-Rune is the Tiw-Rune with his right hand missing, and thus there is a link here to Woden who is a more sinister god whose role leads along the Left-Hand Path too. When the Golden Age ends and Tiw loses his right hand, this role is taken up by a god more suited to lead the Folk out of the Dark Age - Woden. The Lagu-Rune is also a rune of the virile, male warrior since its shape shows the phallus and flow of semen - i.e. it also refers to the virulent warrior ethos that is renewed by the Last Avatar.

Ing - This rune has the meaning "god" or "hero", the latter being misunderstood by most interpreters. This is the Rune of Ing (obviously) who is the Hero-God and the Last Avatar in this next incarnation. He is the Son of Man(nus) and associated with the constellation of Bootes which follows the Waen (Great Bear - Woden's Waen) around the Pole Star. This is the "Saint Cuthman" of Christian legend whose legend holds the secret of the God of England. On August 11th 1999 there was a Solar Eclipse (the Sun turned black) and the next day the Perseid Meteor Shower (the hots stars fell from the sky); at the same time as the Solar Eclipse the Sign of Ing (Sign of the Son of Man) appeared in the skies through a planetary conjunction. This heralded the conception of the New Age - the Age of Ing. The Ing-Rune is also the Rune of the Blood and is thus linked to the Sacred Blood Struggle of this era.

Daeg - This is the rune of the balance of opposites - Light & Darkness - which are contained in the figure of The Hooded Man who is the Last Avatar. It also symbolises the hour-glass which, when emptied, is turned around in order to start time once more. It is a timer. This tips once more to start a new Cosmic Cycle. When something reaches its totality it will flip into its polar opposite; here the Global Order will fall into tribalism and a New Order.

Edel - This is the Rune of the Racial Homeland, for the IE Root * At-Al means "race"; this is the ancient Island of Thule or At-Al-Land which "sank" beneath the waves and which is prophesied to rise once more. This "sank" into our Racial Unconscious and will arise as a herald of the restoration of the Ur-Time. The rune also contains a Germanic Ing-Rune and a Gyfu-Rune combined, and is another variation of the Gift of Ing and thus linked to the Gar-Rune which has the same meaning.

Here we see a sequence in which the recent cosmic events are found to be contained within our rune-row. The "marriage" of the Sun and Moon which occurred at the Solar Eclipse heralded the conception of the Age of Ing. This is underlined in Norse Mythology where we find the incarnation of Hama/Heimdall prophesied, followed by a Great Flood, and then the appearance of Widar the Avenger when Woden is swallowed by the Fenris Wolf. This is a cosmic event that takes place around the Winter Wunwend of 2012 when the "Wolf's Jaws" swallow the Hanged God at the Galactic Centre - the Dark Rift - as our Sun aligns with the Galactic Centre. The constellation of Cygnus the Swan is a marker for the Galactic Centre and is symbolised by the Wilmington Giant in the South of England. There is a further sequence of runes added to the Common Germanic Futhark, making up the 33-Rune English Rune Row.

Ac - The Oak-Tree, symbolic of the centre of the House of the Wulfingas - the Branstock Oak. Woden pushed the Sword of Need into this Oak-Tree, which was taken out by Sigmunde the Waelsinga. This sword is the Broken Sword of legend which was reforged and used by Sigurd the Waelsinga to slay the Dragon and to take the Gold-Hoard. This rune also represents the enegry-matrix of Albion since the central point of this island is the Beran-Byrig where the Island Dragons meet - the Red Dragon and the White Dragon. This is the Ancient Power that resides in the Land of Albion.

Aesc - The Sacred Ash-Tree (Iggdrasil) upon which Woden hangs in order to gain the Wisdom of the Runes. This is the First Man created by the gods Woden, Willa, Weoh whose form is animated by the gods and who are thus Sons of the Gods. This rune is linked to the Os-Rune which has replaced it in the First Aettir; it is also related to the term Oski which is the same as Wunsc and refers to the Wish Lord and the Wish Hounds - The Wild Hunter-God and the Wild Hunt. The IE Root * ansu means spirit and refers to the Ancestors and the Ancestral God - Woden.

Yr - Yr has two distinct meanings from which we can decifer its meaning. The first is gold decoration which can refer to the ancient Gold-Hoard which symbolises the Solar Knowledge of the ancient Solar Race. This is the Solar Wisdom that Sigurd gains when he slays the Dragon and becomes a Dragon-Lord. Here he slays the dragon, eats the Heart of the Dragon (Soul) and drinks the Blood of the Dragon (Spirit) to become a Dragon-Lord. The second meaning is that of Primal Being which refers to Ymir who is "slain" by the gods to create the Cosmos. The name Ymir holds a secret, for it refers to the Sound of Creation YM which is the OM or AUM of the Aryan Hindus. This is sounded like the French "lune". Ymir is the Sound of Creation (the name Ymir can mean The Sounding One) that brings the worlds into being, and Hymir is the Sound of Destruction that brings the cycle to an end - this is the role of Hama-Heimdall who sounds the Giallarhorn. The names Ymir-Hymir-Gymir are all related and they could well be seen as Primal Sounds - YM - HYM - GYM that have certain roles in the Cycle of the Ages. This rune is also that of the Yew-Bow and the symbolism contains an Ur-Rune with the Irminsul or Ur-glyphic Irminsul within it - thus symbolising the primal state of the galaxy - the Milky Way (the Irminsul is the Milky Way).

Ior - The Serpent. This can be the Serpent that enters the house to destroy Man, and who is slain by Woden who uses the Nine Glory-Twigs to do so. The Nine Glory-Twigs are the matrix from which all 33 runes can be drawn. In other words Woden uses the Power of the Runes to destroy the Power of the Serpent. When the points of this rune are joined it makes a 6-pointed star which symbolises the fusion of opposites - chaos. This is the Power of the Serpent. It can also represent Jormungandr - the Midgard Serpent - who is the enemy of Thunor and in this era represents Globalism.

Ear - This rune is the rune of the Way of the Ancestors (Straw-Death) whose bodies return to the Earth to be reborn anew into their family or tribe. Here we see the arms are bound - earth-bound - and thus this is the way back to rebirth upon Earth. This is a rune of burial and the earth-grave. This is the death which is not the way of the Aethelinga. The IE Root * er can mean "earth" but it can also mean "water" and "eternity" - these are in fact linked since the Way of the Ancestors is the eternal return in which the rebirth of the individual is eternally bound to the tribe.

Cweorth - This rune represents the Way of the Gods and is the transcendent rune which transcends this eternal cycle of birth-rebirth in order that the Initiate becomes a god-like figure that is reborn at will, as and when needed or summoned to help the Folk. This is why cremation is used for the Solar Way which is linked to the Cosmic Fire (Kan) and Kingship (Kon) through the Ken-Rune. Cweorth is the Fire-Twirl - the Fire of Cremation that transforms the spiritual body at death. This is the Rune of Valhalla where the Einheriar feast with the Gods. This transcendence is through the overcoming of the Serpent within us (S-elf) that transforms the Initiate into the Elf - The Shining One, and to immortality, as the Gods. This is the secret contained in the Myth of Knit Mountain where Woden enters the mountain as a Serpent (Earth-bound), sleeps for three nights with Gunnlod (Tantric Love-Rite), wins the Mead of Inspiration (becomes enlightened) and rises as an Eagle (Heaven - Home of the Gods). This is exactly the same symbolism as Iggdrasil where the Serpent lies at the base of the tree (spinal column) and the Eagle sits in its branches with the Hawk between his eyes (Third Eye). Cweorth is also the rune of the Hidden God who waits his return when the Cosmic Cycle has ended. Perhaps the most important meaning of this rune relates to the One-Eyed Hunter-God seen in the figure of the Wilmington Giant and Herne Giant, as well as in the shape of two arms of Shiva the Destroyer. This is the One-Eyed Hunter-God as leader of the Mannerbund - the Wild Army.

Calc - This rune means both chalk and cup - together with the next rune (Stan) this makes chalk stone or white stone, the White Stone referring to the ancient Stone of Ing which lays in the South Saxon Mark. The term cup is one related to the Grail Mythos which must have been known to the English who settled here; it is likely that their Initiates took over these mysteries. The cup (Calk), stone (Stan) and Spear (Gar) are all related to the Grail Mythos, and it can be no coincidence that these can be found at the end of the English Rune-Row. At one level this is a rune of Kalki (HelgiH) as the name Calc suggests; the glyph is that of a Bow and Arrow which is related to the Wild Hunter-God. Rune of the Death Mysteries.

Stan - Rune of Being in that this represents stability, stillness, static, state, and other words beginning with st - the Immovable Centre around which the Wheel of Becoming turns eternally. This symbolises the anvil out of which the Sword of Need is taken. The Aryan Root STAN means thunder, so this rune is associated with Thunor the Thunder-God. The hammer of the Thunder-God may once have been the blacksmith's hammer used to forge the ancient swords. It has been suggested that this rune represents the White Horse Stone (Inga-Stone) which is near Aylesford in Kent. This is in fact a complex rune which is a bind-rune of various other runes, but this would be too complex to deal with here.

Gar - This rune is the first and the last and is outside the Four Aettir (4 rows of 8 runes); this is the Spear of Woden (Gift of Ing) which represents the Cosmic Axis and the Immovable Centre again. This is a bind-rune of the Gifu-Rune (Gift) and the Ing-Rune (of Ing) and is also the crossed spears upon the English Symbol. Here the "X" marks the spot - England. This also represents the Spear of Destiny.

These last 9 Runes (9 being a Sacred Number of the North) were added to the Common Germanic Futhark; there are 29 rune-poems in the Old English Rune Poems, the last 4 runes being left out. This is simply because they are transcendent runes and the key to the rest of these nine runes. The Ear-Rune represents the Dying God (Hanged God) whilst the Cweorth-Rune represents the Avenging Son that takes his place at the start of the Age of Ing.


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